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Within 6m×3m(18m²)
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Bangkok International Trade and Exhibition Centrer(BITEC) Thailand
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These customers should definitely contact us.

Did you know that there is a considerable difference in the ability to propose and respond to different decoration company?

For exhibitors who are choosing a decoration company for the first time

Don't hire a vendor that calls itself an "original decorator" by letting you choose from several booth patterns. In fact, there is an optimal booth design for each product or service. If you hire a vendor who does not know it, you will have too much time on your hands during the exhibition, and it may be your first and last time exhibiting. Choosing a decorator for your first exhibition is more important than you can imagine. We welcome the opportunity to make a proposal to companies that are new to the industry.

For exhibitors who are not satisfied with their existing decorators

Since there are several processes that can be omitted in the preparatory work due to previous results, have you somehow requested the same place to do the work? The truth is that they are not satisfied with the proposal and the response, and they feel they need to do something about it, but they don't know what exactly to do about it...It is precisely at such times that we would like to have the opportunity to make a proposal to you. We promise you that you will no longer have to exhibit with a blurred feeling, and you will be able to fully realize what it means to produce results at an exhibition!

Three points of comparison to identify a good decoration company.

Booth design proposal method

In the case of a disappointing vendor

  • Only quotations are submitted.
  • Proposals are the same as those for other companies or are reused.
  • Revisions to the proposal are charged.
  • There is never a face-to-face meeting.
  • There is a lack of confirmation required at the first meeting.
  • Limited time to decide on the design.
  • Additional charge for original design.
  • Additional charge for troubleshooting.
  • The final price is not known until the last minute (even if the quatation is cheap).
  • No attendance at the handover.
  • Proposals for next year's exhibition are delivered without confirmation of this time's results.

In our case

  • We submit both a quotation and a proposal.
  • Proposal content is completely original each time.
  • Face-to-face meetings are mandatory (we cannot provide a proposal without conducting an interview)
  • Covering all necessary confirmation in the first meeting.
  • When deciding on a design, we will explain the reasons (why this design is useful for attracting customers)
  • No additional charge for original design.
  • No additional charge for troubleshooting (*In-house check process is thoroughly implemented and almost no trouble occurs.)
  • We welcome quotes from other companies, and the final price is fixed before the contract is signed.
  • Follow-up both during the exhibition and at the handover.
  • We always confirm the results of the exhibition and reflect them in next year's proposal.

We do not provide only quotations or proposals, because it is difficult for our clients to have an image of success (problem solving) at the exhibition. We view booth design from a marketing perspective, understand the exhibitor's services, determine booth conditions, and propose a booth layout that will catch the attention of visitors.We also disclose a complete breakdown of unit costs in our jargon-free quotations. All of this is done free of charge up to the preparation of these documents, and we proceed to billing only after the exhibitor is satisfied with the proposed materials and signs the contract.


In the case of a disappointing vendor

  • No clear guidance on proposal deadlines.
  • Late to reply to e-mails.
  • No answers to questions (Multiple missing information)
  • The nuance of the language is not conveyed.
  • Constant need for us to confirm progress.
  • There is no contact when they say they will contact you again.
  • They answer only what is asked.

In our case

  • We provide a to-do list and a detailed schedule leading up to the exhibition.
  • Stress-free, reply within 1 business day each time.
  • All answers based on an understanding of the intent of the question.
  • Response in Japanese, reduce exhibitor's anxiety by anticipating situations.
  • Regular progress sharing with exhibitors.
  • 100% reply by the reply deadline, even if the question cannot be answered immediately.
  • We respond to exhibitors' concerns in depth and offer additional suggestions.

Exhibition managers are under a heavy workload as they prepare for the exhibition in addition to their normal duties. In order to alleviate this stressful situation and achieve the best possible results at the exhibition, we support exhibitors with anticipatory schedule proposals and regular reports, without causing them any anxiety.

On-site Support

In the case of a disappointing vendor

  • No advance notice of setup schedule.
  • Booths are not finished according to the drawings and on time.
  • Contractors leave without saying anything, so you don't know what is left and when it's done.
  • They tell that exhibitors are responsible for applying for electricity and you don't know what to do.
  • No response to booth modifications.
  • No progress report on repairs.
  • There is no time for exhibitors to prepare because the booth is set up too last minute.

In our case

  • Wi provide setup schedule and contact information for the person in charge at least two weeks.
  • Booth setup completed according to drawings and on time.
  • We do not keep busy exhibitors waiting (thorough greetings, reporting, and communication)
  • Constant accompaniment of task management to ensure that there are no omissions in electrical applications.
  • Prompt response to booth modifications (if needed)
  • Stress-free with repair reports including due date and means.
  • Ample preparation time for exhibitors with a relaxed set-up schedule.

We have a thorough on-site management system in place to ensure that exhibitors can smoothly complete their preparations and arrive at the show in perfect condition. Prior to booth setup, designers and on-site personnel review drawings and work details to ensure that setup proceeds according to plan and that booths are provided exactly as shown on the drawings. We take the utmost care in sharing the work schedule with exhibitors to ensure a smooth handover of the booth.

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