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Effectively attracting visitors with a booth proposal that incorporates our opinions and reflects booth conditions

  • Customer:Daimaru Planning Co., Ltd. Mr.Yuuki Takahashi
  • Person in charge:Shintaro Kimura

First booth design company to incorporate our intent

ーーThank you for the opportunity to conduct this interview today. We are conducting the interview at your “Hot Collagen Studio” Studio Lucina. This is the first time that I’m actually seeing the studio. Could you explain the “Hot Collagen Studio” again?

Mr.Takahashi:Yes. The Lucina studio that we operate has the trademark to “Collagen Studio.” It is a yoga studio that adds a “collagen treatment lamp” (633nm visible light rays) to hot yoga and promotes a concept of “supplementing beauty while exercising.” We seek to raise awareness of the benefits of the “Hot Collagen Studio” at exhibitions and also increase the number of sites utilizing this technique. We hope that people will use our service


ーーWe’ve received booth design requests from you in three consecutive years for SPORTEC since you first contacted us in 2017. You (Mr.Takahashi) have been in charge from the outset. Please explain the background to contacting us if you can remember.

Mr.Takahashi:Yes, I remember asking multiple decoration companies at the top of the search list on the Internet for quotes at that time. My main focus was price.

ーーSo you were not really thinking much about how to present the signs or visitor attraction techniques.

Mr.Takahashi:That’s right. Since I didn’t know how to prepare because this as our first exhibition, my review started with priority on the budget. After hearing about the importance of the sign in promoting our service from you (Kimura), I ultimately decided to put emphasis on the sign appeal and place the order with your company. Your pricing and design were attractive too. Another deciding factor was your sincerity in listening to my questions and providing opinions.

ーーThank you. I’m happy to hear that as a designer.



Realizing optimal visitor attraction
whether the booth position is good or not so good

ーーWhat were your thoughts about the finished booth design at your first exhibition venue?

Mr.Takahashi:When I saw the actual booth at the venue, I was pleased and thought “this is a nice booth and this is how it looks.”

ーーThat makes me happy. Your booth had a demonstration by an instructor on the stage. What was the impression of the staff and instructor who used it?

Mr.Takahashi:It was very positive. The stage size and position were very well matched to the booth size. Since we wanted exhibition attendees to get to know our service by watching the demonstration, it was necessary to position the stage where it could be readily seen from the aisle. The design also placed the sign where it stood out from the aisle. I thought this was an ideal booth layout.

ーーThank you. I’m happy to hear that as a designer. Specifically I put the stage where it could be seen well from the aisle at the front of the booth that typically has the most traffic. However, unless the sign position is factored in too, the demonstration’s appeal point is not communicated. I designed the booth with considerable emphasis on balance between the sign and stage. I’m glad that you liked that aspect.

The past three times your booth location and size differed each time. What did you think about the difference in visitor attraction?

Mr.Takahashi:Yes, since the view of the stage from the aisle differed at each exhibition, I felt a difference in the level of visitor attraction each time. However, I realized that a good booth layout attracts visitors. In 2018, the booth position was excellent so I don’t recall any struggle in attracting visitors. In 2019, however, the booth position was not as attractive as the previous year, but since you (Kimura) proposed a sign design that factored in the booth situation, the sign stood out clearly even at a distance from the booth, and exhibition attendees were aware of us.

Since the Secretariat decides the booth position, there is an element of luck. Please continue to propose ideal booth design proposals suited to the booth conditions.

ーーOf course. We propose booth design that attracts visitors for any type of booth conditions.

Specifically, since the position in 2018 was on an aisle likely to have heavy traffic at the site, it was good enough to focus on the stage and sign and we utilized a design that leveraged the position to the fullest extent. In 2019, meanwhile, there was a tougher challenge due to having a booth position with less anticipated nearby traffic than in the previous year. That’s when we really make a difference. We designed a upper sign that could be easily seen from aisles with heavy traffic and brought the stage to a more forward position than the sign. This design made the booth stand out. Due to this approach, the booth attracted visitor traffic on par with a typical year, despite the unfavorable booth position in terms of nearby traffic, as attendees noticed the sign and demonstration.

Next, please share your thoughts about the sign design. One of our features is emphasis on the sign’s lettering. Did you have any reservations about sign design with emphasis on lettering?

Mr.Takahashi:No, we wanted from the outset to appeal to attendees with the lettering and did not feel any resistance.

When we requested the quotes from decoration companies, there was no mention that we were looking for wording in our exchange of opinions at the meeting. Since your proposal already reflected all the phrasing that we had been thinking, we decided to ask your company to provide the booth design. There was not anything more that we could expect from a visual perspective.

ーーHearing that you positively assessed the sign design’s messaging appeal makes us feel good about the effort we put into booth proposals.

Meanwhile, this studio where we are conducting the interview is a very fashionable space. Do you have interest in a fashionable booth too?

Mr.Takahashi:Honestly in our discussions ahead of the 2018 exhibit, there was mention of “fashionable” booth design. However, after seeing your proposal and discussing the situation again, we decided to proceed with a booth design that emphasized the wording.

ーーThat’s nice to know. The sign has the role of correctly attracting attendee interest. I think appreciation of the importance of the sign message means that you are rationally assessing business success.

Did you have any other thoughts about the sign?

Mr.Takahashi:When I’m walking around the exhibition site, I often have trouble understanding what a booth is exhibiting. Based on that experience, I realize the importance of communication the exhibit product via the booth sign.

I attend the explanation for exhibitors at each event. The Secretariat also stresses the importance of promoting products with signage.

ーーYes, I agree. The first thing is communicating what the product is. Next it is ideal if the product’s detailed explanation can be written in a straightforward manner. You (Mr.Takahashi) recognized a central aspect of booth design of actually looking at other booths. That’s excellent. Secretariats, which organize exhibitions, have been consistently advocating the “importance of using signs to promote products” for many years. We often interact with these officials as one of the few decoration businesses that can make this happen.

Repeatedly placed requests because of prompt
and correct advice each time

ーーAre you dissatisfied with anything in our responses?

Mr.Takahashi:No. We are grateful that each time you (Kimura) response politely from the design proposal to change consultations and other items. Since we have a co-exhibitor, there are cases when it is difficult to reach a consensus. You response is always quickly and greatly appreciated. Since there are many things that I don’t know about booth design, I appreciate receiving correct advice.

I’m also grateful for your excellent responses at exhibition venue.

ーーThank you for your kind words. I’m pleased to be of service. Thank you.

Launched 20-30 site in the past three years

ーーWhat has been the response of customers as you’ve steadily exhibited over the past three years. Have you noticed any change in business?

Mr.Takahashi:Yes. Customer awareness was fairly low when we first exhibited. However, we clearly felt that product awareness had been spreading in the second and third years. In fact, we successfully expanded by launching 20-30 locations during the three years.

ーーWhile it would be ideal if sales doubled from the first fiscal year, that’s difficult. Many of our clients realize considerable growth from the second year. Conversely, if clients only exhibit one year, it raises questions about business continuity such as “Why aren’t they exhibiting this year?” We recommend exhibiting the second time if possible.

In fact, the increase of 20-30 locations in the second and third year reinforces my motivation as someone who is slightly changing the sign message each time.

Finally, what is your future exhibition strategy and outlook? Or do you have plans to participate at exhibitions other than SPORTEC?

Mr.Takahashi:We plan to continue exhibiting at SPORTEC and are also thinking about exhibiting at exhibitions not covered yet, such as the Leisure & Service Industry Exhibition. We want to continue exhibiting to promote wider adoption of the Hot Collagen Studio.

ーーI hope that the Hot Collagen Studio achieves even further inroads.

Thank you for this interview opportunity. I’ll continue to do my utmost to deliver the ideal booth proposal each time.

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