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  • Customer:Kozo Keikaku Engineering Inc., Living Environment Sales DivisionMr.Hironobu Sakajou
  • Person in charge:Kiyofumi Kawashima

Decoration company selection that does not rely exclusively on pricing

ーーWe received our first booth request in 2011 and have been given over 10 requests up to now. What is the reason for your continued selection of us?

Mr.Sakajou:In fact, there was one time during our period of working together when I got a second quote . My boss commented that “You continue using the same decoration company (exhibition booth design), why don’t you consider using a different firm?” In response, I obtained estimates from two other companies. However, the content of proposals from both companies seemed expensive. While the decoration itself looked attractive, the proposals did not offer sufficient appeal for our products and it was diffiuclt to imagine how they would attract visitors at the exhibition. This reconfirmed the excellence our your proposal capabilities and cost balance, and I got my boss to understand.

Through this experience, I learned that it is necessary when placing an order with a decoration company for the side placing the request to ask the decoration company about appeal points and understand features ahead of time.

ーーThank you for your kind words. However, this is the first time I heard about a second estimate.

We strive to not only enhance our booth proposals, but also everyone endeavors daily to improve work. We eliminate unnecessary tasks and aim to provide decoration at reasonable pricing.

Since some decoration businesses submit proposals without asking about customer products, posing questions to the decoration business in the meeting is a very important process.

Mr.Sakajou:I’m impressed by the strong spirit of all employees as they carry out their jobs.

Also, it has been extremely helpful to receive the schedule and To Do list when we lack mental leeway in requests with a short amount of time until the exhibition. Since there is a psychological burden of preparing for the exhibition at the same time as performing normal work, arrangement of a schedule outlook as the basis for actions is vital to exhibition preparations.

ーーTo ensure positive results for the exhibitor at the exhibition, besides the booth proposal, we think it is important for the person in charge to bbe ready for the exhibition with sufficinet preparations. Provision of the schedule and assistance with applications are part of this activity.

Find the answer at the site! Determining signage positons
that are easiest to see for exhibition attendees

Mr.Sakajou:Regarding your booth proposal, We see your company’s added value in the frank opinions provided by you (Kawashima) when we make requests.

When we previously asked about putting the pamphlet content in its existing form on the sign, I recall that you (Kawashima) provided an easy-to-understand explanation of key points regarding the signage design. Since we are not decoration professionals, your (Kawashima) precise comments are vital to attracting visitors at the exhibition.

Based on my firsthand experience with these interactions, I have substantial trust in your (Kawashima) booth proposal capabilities. It is difficult to explain our services in a simple manner to ordinary people, and we struggle with explanations too. However, you (Kawashima) accurately understand our elusive services in the meetings and prepare booth design proposals that get the point across to exhibition attendees in three seconds each time.

ーーThank your for your positive review. We view the booth design as a marketing tool and interact with clients in the meeting until we have a thorough undertsanding of the service. Proposing a booth that attracts visitors requires an understanding of the service. This concept is not just mine. All of our desginers take this approach in interaction with clients.

Mr.Sakajou:It’s reassuring for the party requesting decoration to know that thhey can receive the same quality from any of the designers. Your commitment to and confidence in booth design comes across.

While I heard about your concept that “the booth is a tool for attracting visitors” at the first request, since it delivers results at the exhibition too, this is a powerful statement. I’ve also noticed continual advances in proposal content in the repeated requests. My understanding is that you are not satisfied with the current situation and continue to pursue even better booth design. Recently, the upper sign structure and design seems to have improved. What steps are you taking to enhance proposal capabilities?

ーーYes, we visit exhibition venue weekly and observe directly the amount of time spent and viewpoint of exhibition attendees.

Our first thought regarding the booth layout is “determining the location of signs that is most visible to exhibition attendees.” We then consider balance with the exhibition space and decide the ideal booth design. Since it is unclear which position is optimal just looking at a PC screen, going to the venue to confirm is vital. The exhibition venue is full of hints.

Mr.Sakajou:So daily verifications and efforts support your proposal capabilities. This boosts my confidence even more.

Not just proposal capabilities, but also on-site responsiveness

ーーWhat are your thoughts about our response at on-site?

Mr.Sakajou:Your on-site staff responds smoothly at the exhibition venue. It is a big help.

With two days for the delivery, we appreciate completion of the setup on the first day. Since the booth is already finished when we go on the second day, we can hang panels and check monitor connections without a wait. Given our desire to preserve energy for the exhibition on the next day, the ability to proceed smoothly with these tasks is greatly appreciated from a psychological perspective too.

ーーThis type of feedback from customers boosts the motivation of on-site staff. We place heavy emphasis on-site response capabilities similar to our proposals.

Continuously standing on the hard floor at the exhibition venue for 3-4 days presents a substantial physical burden. We provide notification of the work confirmation time in advance with the aim of not making customers wait at the venue. Since the designer exhaustively communicates the booth explanation to the on-site staff, so that the on-site staff can also handle the handover smoothly with no wasted movements.

Mr.Sakajou:I felt your detailed efforts from the meeting all the way through on-site activities. Thank you.

ーーThank you for participating today’s interview and also your many gracious words. We hope to continue putting our utmost into supporting your ability to attract visitors at future exhibitions.

Reason for repat business: Highly professional proposal underpinned by weekly visits to exhibition venue and successful visitor attraction experience

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